Empathy Helps Humanity

It has been almost a week now since the US election. And while I have had time to process it (and I am feeling better), some of it does weigh a little heavily inside me still. 

One of the things that is helping me to move through this is the compassion and empathy shown by other people, not just on FB but out there in society. The knowledge that most people are going through their own individual grief process for a kinder, more compassionate society that seems to have been left behind. 

Unfortunately there have been those who have not shown that level of empathy and compassion, and it does horrify me that some people will simply say “get over it”, “grow up”, “just move on”.

No, no and no. 

We as human beings are designed to express emotions, not repress them. We as human beings need to know what we feel deep inside us is not wrong.

What is wrong though is dictating to people what they should and should not be feeling in times of grief and sadness. We will move on when we feel ready to (and some of us are at that stage already). 

As someone with Aspergers, those emotions can come on very strongly, to the point where I will often be told “you’re just overreacting”. No I’m not. I am reacting in the way that feels natural to me. The sad thing is, societal stereotypes have dictated that I need to keep my emotions to myself, to bottle them inside and portray a strong facade. Repressing emotions is dangerous enough for neurotypical people, and the danger merely intensifies for neurodiverse people. 

Emotions are not a sign of weakness, but they are a sign of humanity. Let’s maintain that humanity.


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